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We mind your business

In Ceres Pacific, we know that your success is our business. Whatever you need to build and grow your business, we can help you. From front-end administrative and operation of the businesses to  back-end finance and human resource compliance and routine duties, we offer extensive administrative and bookkeeping services based on your business needs.

What we serve best

Outsourced accounting,

financial reporting and management

Accounting Services 

Our Outsource accounting services go beyond the routine book- keeping and includes several other services that are ideal for SMEs, start-ups and branch offices of foreign companies. 

For SMEs: Our personalized services can provide assistance on compliance issues such as GST- related matters or the analysis of your company’s financial position.


For start- ups: We can assist in the setting up and maintenance of your accounting systems, procedures and policies with regards to your business environment.


For branch offices of foreign companies: Entrust in us the responsibility of being your outsourced accounts department and we ensure timely submission of financial reports to your head office and highlighting variance and key performance indicators to your local General Manager.


Our other services include:

  • Preparation of management accounts

  • Customize financial reports, forecasts

  • Preparation of cash flow budgets

  • Analyze key ratios and indicators of financial performance advising on accounting policies and procedures.

Financial Reporting and Management

Under the Singapore Companies Act, companies are required to manage and report a clean and concise financial record periodically. This can be tedious and takes up a considerable amount of time which could have otherwise be use to explore new business opportunities.


In Ceres Pacific, we have a group of dedicated and experienced associates to help your company fulfil the statutory compliance requirements stipulated by IRAS and ACRA.

Small- medium businesses often face challenges in sorting out documents and fulfilling the administrative compliance as set out under the relevant Statutory requirements.


We provide regular administrative duties (Finance, Human Resource, Administration) to ease and take care of your concerns. As these routine and mundane administrative tasks are taken care of by us, you can then have a piece of mind to focus better on other parts of your business.


Due to the vast and rapid changes in the financial reporting requirement, most of the business might find themselves in situation whereby they lacked of the resources or trained staff to ensure that they are in-lined with the new reporting standards. Outsourcing your finance/accounting operations not only saves you a tremendous amount of time and resources but also propel your business beyond local competition.


Entrust us with your accounts and we give you our promise in ensuring timely and accurate preparation of your financial reports so that you can stay ahead of and comply with the myriad changes in income, sales tax and financial reporting standards (FRS).

Outsourced Accouting
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